Lemmikin kanssa retkellä

Retkellä lemmikkien kanssa

Lähialueelta voi löytyä mielenkiintoisia kohteita, joita ei ole vielä koettu. Vaikka täällä tiluksilla tullut asuttua reilu 12 vuotta, niin 10km:n päässä oleva Konianvuori on ollut

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Pevisa - Hanie röntgenissä

eyes normal

Hanie and Mickie were in Pevisa examinations in late May: eyes, hips and elbows were examined. What is Pevisa? Wikipedia says: PEVISA (Program for Inheritance of Hereditary Defects and Diseases)

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Bark control: does it work or not?

Do you want to prevent your dog from barking unnecessarily? Don't have time to react every time? So what's the help? Does the anti-bark device work? New user experience with anti-bark device. Another that has been in use. The first was from

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